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Innovation Starts Here.

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Music Publishing Consultation

Maximize revenue, optimize rights management, and navigate the complex music industry landscape with a dedicated expert. Gain strategic insights and customized solutions for long-term success in the ever-evolving world of music publishing.

Silver Package

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Rights & Royalties Management System Development

Collaborate with our expert team and leverage your in-house engineers for a seamless integration. Unlock new revenue opportunities and streamline operations with our cutting-edge technology.

Gold Package

Copyright & Royalty Administration

Streamline royalty & copyright management. Ensure accurate tracking, reporting, and payment of royalties. Maximize revenue for songwriters and rights holders.

Bronze Package

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Fractional CIO

Benefit from our dedicated team of 8 expert engineers who will develop a tailored solution to optimize revenue, streamline operations, and ensure accurate rights management. Unlock the full potential of your music catalog with our comprehensive platform.

Platinum Package

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Former clients of ENCORE have experienced an exponential increase in revenue by leveraging our innovative products and modules, demonstrating our unparalleled expertise in music tech solutions and ability to drive transformative growth for music businesses.

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EMPIRE Publishing


  • Royalties Processing System

  • Agreements Module

  • Financial Analysis Module

  • ...and more!

2020 - 2023

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Unlock the full potential of your music catalogue with our expertise in music publishing - turning complexity into opportunity

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...and more!

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  • ENCORE provides product roadmap & design documentation for review 

  • Company signs off on product requirement documentation

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  • Development team execute front & back-end engineering

  • Quality Assurance testing ensues

  • Stakeholders review & beta test product

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  • ENCORE brings product to live site & trains stakeholders

  • Company provides product feedback

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  • ENCORE consults with stakeholders regarding scope of project to determine product needs / desired features.

Janishia Jones

Janishia Jones


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